About Us



Our mission at Oh Bessie! is to make you and your kids smile!  We hope you smile when you see our whimsical children's line of room decor, accessories, and clothing. We hope you smile when you see how easy we make it for you to decorate your newborn's or kid's space by offering décor that coordinates and is ready to hang and mix/match. We hope you smile when you watch your friend open her Oh Bessie! gift at her baby shower. And we hope you smile even when you discover your little one covered in lipstick, mud, or who knows what else, but wearing his or her Oh Bessie! t-shirt! We hope to make the world a happier place, one Bessie at a time.

Who’s behind Oh Bessie!?
Meet our mother-and-daughter team:

The daughter: Jamie is the creative force whirling through Oh Bessie! She is a textile designer, pattern doodler, and creator of funky shapes and characters. Jamie designed bedding for major national department stores (and you can still see some of her work at Bloomingdale's) but she was longing to have the freedom to doodle and create, so she decided it was time to leave big brand merchandising and strike off on her own. The playful world of kids’ design and decor is where she is meant to be. Hopefully you will feel the same when you shop our line; everything in the store has been hand drawn and hand designed by Jamie!

The momLisa is a graphic designer, former decorative painter, and has been a part of several entrepreneurial ventures. She loves color and kids. She raised four (kids, not colors), and takes pride in the fact that they all embrace the goofy side of life. The kid described above is a prime example. Lisa's experience in design and business is a major driving force in keeping Oh Bessie! ticking along (and for reining Jamie back in when she gets a little too kooky).